Am I Yours? was published in 2018 and has quickly become my best-selling picture book, doing particularly well in Japan.

Mole Hill is a rhyming story about a dad mole who has to save his hill - and family - from being flattened by a trio of dozers. In the Venn diagram of Things Kids Like, Mole Hill sits happily in the middle between TRUCKS and DINOSAURS. 

The Boy Who Cried Ninja was my very first published picture book - it came out in 2011! It feels like a lifetime ago - but this book has really held up over time. It's still funny and weird and it ends (as all books should) with a dance party.

I love reading Lion vs Rabbit. It's a book that really works for groups of kids - and it won the Hampshire Picture Book Award. (I still laugh when I remember that Lion steals Hyena's lunch monkey.)

I've always been fascinated by giant squids - so this is my giant squid story. And it really is GIANT! Look at him curled around that house. Soon after writing this book I was walking on a deserted stretch of beach in Cape Point and found a real giant squid washed up the beach. It was a dream come true. Unfortunately it was VERY old and VEEEERY smelly, but I got a photo of me lying next to it. (I smelled bad for days after.)

STAY! is about a boy and his dog. Buster is very naughty, but Ben doesn't care - until his parents tell him that Buster CANNOT come along on the family holiday (not after what happened last time). So Ben has to explain to his grandpa exactly how to look after Buster.

Penguin's Hidden Talent is a book for all the forgotten administrators out there. I'm so glad there are people who organise things and get things done - and those skills are often overlooked. Penguin's Hidden Talent recognises that as wonderful as it may be to win a talent competition, someone has to actually organise it first. 

This was such a fun book to make. Sally and Joe are following a set of mysterious footprints - and trying to figure out exactly what made them. Their speculations are hand-painted paper cutouts (I must have made a thousand scales) while the 'real-life' scenes are coloured pencil on paper. Also - Never Follow a Dinosaur is just good advice.

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