More news! Two books are now out in the world since I last updated this. The first is The Trouble with Earth - a book about our planet. But don't worry! It's not a sad book about global warming (I might still write one of those) - it's a book about how absolutely incredible our planet is. 
The second book is The Boy Who Sailed the World. Written by Julia Green and illustrated by me. It's a lovely story of a boy who longs for the freedom of the ocean and sets sail across the world. It's based on the adventures of Julia's own son - though in reality, he wasn't five years old when he went. But I quite like the fact that in the book the mother just lets her boy go out into the world. That's what parenting feels like no matter how old one's children get.
FANTASTIC NEWS! Pip and Egg is here! It's been a rough time lately, and Pip and Egg is the ray of sunshine we all need. The story is happy and heartwarming and uplifting - and the illustrations by David Litchfield are bright and detailed- like sparkling jewels. Listen to a lovely chat with David about his process here:
Order Pip and Egg in the UK here.
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